consult a dermatologist

Why one should consult a dermatologist

There are many reasons why one should go and see a skin doctor who are also known as dermatologists. These days blemishes and fine lines are very regular skin problems. But there are some other skin problems which can grow serious with every passing day.

There are many skin specialists in Mumbai whom one can go and see if they are facing some itchiness, rashes, redness and pus on their skin due to some disorders. These skin doctors mostly treat on skin, nails and hair problems and regular check up can also help one to avoid any further skin complications.

Here are some things for which one can consult a dermatologist.


It is a very common or a skin condition at present. It can create a lot of blemishes on face. This can also include things like white heads, black heads, deep cysts and pimples. Also they can form some oil glands on the skin that can create a thing called sebum. It can also clog pores and cause bacteria on them. This acne problem rises very frequently on teenagers but it can also come back at any age. When it happens, blemishes can occur on certain areas like neck, face, back and shoulders. It can be pretty bad and look embarrassing. If it is not treated in time it can leave scars. So, one needs to see a doctor and use ointments or chemical peels on them.


It is a problem that occurs with the immunity system. This condition leads to formation of skin cells very quickly. They can all get oiled up on the skin surface and these patches that are formed are also known as plaques. It can look thick and have some silver scales. It can also cause some pain and itchiness on the skin. Now where do they appear? They are mostly seen on genitals, finger nails and inside the mouth. One needs to go and see a dermatologist immediately if they appear and they can check on by placing the skin sample with a microscope. Then they start the treatment accordingly.


It is a kind of chronic skin condition which can also lead to skin inflammation. This can be very irritating for one. it can also cause some itchy, dry and swollen skin, there is a common condition of eczema and it is also known as atopic dermatitis. This can majorly happen on babies. They can form some rashes on cheeks and it can also have fluid in them. One needs to immediately take their child to a specialised doctor and get it treated.

Hair Loss

Everyone can lose up to 100 strands of hair every day but if it exceeds that number, then it can be a bit cause of a bigger problem. There can be stress related problems, pregnancy or other health issues including dandruff problems as well. A dermatologist can go for a blood test to find out the major reason behind the hair fall. Then they prescribe proper medications.

So, seeing a skin doctor in any of the above cases is very important.