When it comes time to invest in SEO, the personality of business owners or marketers can be a defining feature. There are people who are very economical and even stingy when it comes to spending on advertising. There are also people who consider normal to invest several thousand in web marketing. These 2 temperaments can lead to very different visions and decisions in relation to SEO.

There are also conservatives, or more insecure people, who will feel better going with yellow pages because it is a corporation even if it is not profitable to use the services of a specialized and local web agency which is smaller.

It is therefore important to realize the impact of the personality face the investment questions in SEO on the choice.

We saw companies with 250 employees for whom investing $ 1000 a month was a big amount and then small businesses with 3 employees who were investing $ 25,000 a month in web marketing and who were planning to invest more.

It is a question of the market yes, but also of personality and perception of the person in charge of the decisions on the web marketing.


Here are briefly some of the main categories of personality types related to investments in web marketing.

  1. Those who do not invest in web advertising except to create a corporate website.
  2. Those who invest all their marketing budget in Yellow Pages and their packages
  3. Those who do SEO pay-per-click with Google Adwords and / or Facebook.
  4. Those who have a natural SEO and content marketing package with a local web agency.
  5. Those who, in addition to an SEO package, do PPC with Facebook and / or Adwords,
  6. Those who invest in multiple web advertising channels simultaneously in addition to doing tests

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Price for the creation of a website showcase:

A simple storefront website typically costs between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000 if you hire a medium sized web agency (this will be more if you hire a larger web agency established as a solution vortex or bang marketing however …).

A showcase website will bring you little visibility if it is not combined with any other marketing and SEO strategies. You can always create a site yourself with Wix or yoursite.com if you have a lot of free time and very little means or hire a self-employed person who will charge you a few hundred for a first basic website.

But an agency is strongly advised if you have a $ 2000 to start with something solid. The website is the basis of all web marketing strategies.
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Price for monthly Yellow Pages packages

Yellow Pages packages cost from $ 30 per month for a link to their website and basic profile only in less competitive sectors, and up to $ 2,000 per month (and even more) if you include paper Adwords management, positioning in your sector and other supplements to your package … In general, Yellow Pages is not profitable as a strategy . It’s to be avoided if you can.

Price to advertise Google Adwords

Google Adwords loads at the click and it is you who determine your budget per day. It takes a minimum budget of $ 5 a day to see real results and we recommend a budget of $ 20 to $ 100 a day if you can.

The price per click will generally vary between 50 cents and $ 3 per click depending on the competition, the market, your rental, and a host of other variables.

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If you hire an agency to manage your Adwords, expect a few hundred dollars for creating campaigns. It can be a lot more for big companies and complex campaigns. To this, you must add a 10 to 15% for management fees based on the monthly amount, monitoring and continuous optimization of your campaigns over time.

Price to advertise via Facebook

Facebook, much like Google Adwords, allows you to determine your budget per click and per day. However, you can have a much smaller budget in Facebook than in Adwords. For $ 3 or $ 5 a day, you can have a significant number of local visitors because you can pay less than 10 cents per click.

Of course, a Facebook budget of $ 10 to $ 20 a day would give even more results. If you hire a web agency to manage your campaigns, count a few hundred dollars to $ 1000 for the creation of campaigns and a price around 10 to 25% of your budget for the management of these. The percentage decreases according to the daily budget.
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Price for a natural SEO SEO package with a specialized web agency

The cost of a natural SEO package is often $ 300 per month minimum and, if you are in a competitive sector and you have different rentals or products and services of great value, it will be at least $ 1000 per month. If you include Adwords, content writing and other forms of advertising, you can pay up to $ 5,000 to see $ 10,000 a month and even more.

Let’s say that to start, $ 500 or $ 600 a month is a reasonable investment, but you will need to add monthly Adwords and Facebook fees for optimal ROI.

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  1. What is your available budget for web marketing and SEO?

The budget available for web referencing and Internet marketing varies considerably from one company to another.

For some companies, investing $ 2,000 a month in web marketing is far too much and impossible even to imagine while for others, investing $ 10,000 a month is a minimum.

For those investing $ 500 a month is a huge amount, the options for online development opportunities and SEO packages are more limited than for companies that plan to invest at least $ 2,000 a month in different channels.

Not all companies are the same size and the same constraints, but it’s obvious that if you invest $ 2,000 a month in marketing, it will usually pay a lot more than $ 2,000 a month.

Web marketing can generate more revenue and customers faster than if you would not have invested that amount. The question of price becomes a fundamental question how much are you willing to pay per month in marketing costs? This amount can be influenced by the turnover of your business, the management of your cash flow, the income you generate, your personal vision on the issue of web marketing and more.

The important thing is to know clearly what is its budget and what amount you can initially agree to invest.

  1. What are your goals in terms of performance and ROI of your marketing budget?

Goals will be another critical point to consider. If you’re aiming to invest $ 1,000 a month in an SEO package and expect to make $ 10,000 a month more worth of customers, then you need to choose the right partners and accomplish what it takes to reach this goal.
You should also evaluate, with your web strategist, if this is a realistic goal.

Define your goal in terms of return on investment. Here is a list of questions that can help clarify the goals as well as the budget available for web marketing:

  1. How many customers per month are currently coming from the web? How much would you like?
  2. What is the role of web marketing in your overall marketing and customer acquisition strategy?
  3. How much profit and revenue does each new customer generate on average?
  4. How much does it cost, on average, to get a new customer in marketing costs?
  5. How much do you currently invest per month in marketing with your other strategies?
  6. How many new customers and additional revenue would you like to generate via the web per month?
  7. How much are you willing to invest for a potential call, for a form?
  8. What is the conversion rate of phone requests, forms?
  9. What value would your company have to get x more customers per month?
  10. What are the liquidity constraints to consider for your marketing budget?
  11. For every $ 1 invested in marketing, how much should it generate in revenue for your business?

These questions help to reflect on the issue of web marketing goals and to clarify the options available to you. If your goal is to generate $ 100,000 a year more through the web, then you will have to invest smartly and consistently. Strategists can help you with your goals to create optimized web strategies.

  1. What is your sector and what is your competition for SEO and SEO?

The question of competition and the market in which you operate is a key aspect to consider in the web. Every market is not equal. Some sectors are exploding on the web, while others are still very little exploited. Some specialty markets and small rentals are much less competitive than others.

Also, some markets have more marketing budget depending on the value of their product.
If you are a butcher in Saguenay, it’s not like being a big plumbing company on the island of Montreal.

In some areas and in some locations, the web competition is almost nil, while for others, if you do nothing to stand out, you will never be seen and never have web clients.

In some cities, the web is archi competitive, while in others, it still has a lot of room.
In Adwords, some markets cost $ 4.00 per click while others will cost only 20 cents per click.

So depending on your market and your rental, how your competition is investing in the web and how your business sector is searched on the web, the investment in web marketing will be considerably different.

These are important variables to consider to know the price of SEO.

Our web agency, for example, does not offer SEO and real estate SEO for less than $ 1,200 a month, while in other non-competitive areas we have $ 300 a month .

The reason is simple: the competition on the web is incredibly greater for realtors. To get out of the game and outperform its competitors, you have to have the budget to compete with the competition. To fight against Duproprio, Remax and Kijiji is not like fighting against a Jonquière electrician.

If you are going to do Adwords against banks and insurance companies, you will not need the same kind of budget at all if you do SEO for a product or service archi specialized or less competitive offered in a limited rental.

So be aware of your market and your competition on the web to know how this will influence the price issue for your SEO SEO campaigns.

  1. Which SEO agency will manage your Internet marketing?

One of the other key points to consider that will influence your web marketing prices is the choice of web agency or web strategist for your business.

In this respect, unfortunately, the price invested may not be proportional to the results.
The performance and return on investment you can get is directly related to the knowledge and expertise of the web strategists who will manage your case.

You can pay hundreds of dollars a month for almost no result, especially if you hire a design agency instead of an SEO agency to handle your web marketing campaigns.

It is certain that for any marketing campaign, we recommend doing business with a Quebec web agency that is Google partner, which is specialized in SEO or have part of the team specialized in SEO and web marketing strategy .

If a web agency can manage to generate $ 10 in revenue for every $ 1 invested and double or triple your sales, what price do you think such expertise and knowledge can be worth? ? The good web strategists, it is expensive and it is not for nothing … it is extremely expensive and it can be incredibly profitable.

To make web marketing profitable, it’s much more about finding an excellent strategist than trying to pay as little as you can. For 10 minutes of work a good experience strategist can generate more results than a designer trying to do SEO that puts hours and hours of work to optimize the design of the space between the lines, believing that it is a criterion of referencing. This, although the second charge 5 times cheaper than the first.

The hourly rate of web agencies specializing in SEO is a minimum of $ 75 per hour in Quebec (between $ 100 and $ 300 per hour in the United States). So, at this price, calculate well and make sure to work with pros, because the bill can go up quickly.

Try to find brilliant web strategists who have experience in web referencing. After a meeting, you can evaluate the knowledge and expertise of a strategist by asking him different questions.

Another option to consider is to hire a self-employed worker who offers his services as a web strategist and webmaster. Few have the experience and versatility to handle everything, but there are a few.

Finally, you can still have someone or a few people in-house to run the SEO plan. But, all should be framed by consultants from a web agency specialized in SEO and SEO.

Web agencies will often charge a minimum of $ 300 per month to several thousand dollars per month (especially if this includes Google Adwords and other PPC campaign fees). But what’s really important is how much it pays for your business for every dollar more invested.

Be careful and look for people whose knowledge and expertise you will find after a few minutes of interaction. You need partners who want to help you and with whom it is easy to collaborate. It is likely that some strategists will mark you by their lucidity of mind, their efficiency, their speed, the diversity of their knowledge, their concrete experiences, etc. As soon as you detect these rare people, go for them! You will not regret it