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Tips to Read & Buy Genuine Autographs at An Online Autograph Sale

Autograph sales online give you the liberty to shop for celebrity autographs from the comforts of home. They not only save your time but they save your money as well. These autograph sales are popular across the nation however if you are new to them how can you make the right purchase and not get duped online?

Autograph sale- learn to read the autograph correctly

At an autograph sale, you must know how to read the autograph of the celebrity correctly. Yes, it is difficult at first however with time and research, you master the skills to become the perfect purchaser. When you have decided to buy the autograph of your favorite celebrity but do not have authentic first-hand items signed by him or her, look for examples of his or her signature online. The first place you can check is credible online autograph auction websites and dealers of collectibles.

Compare signatures of the celebrity

Learn as much about the signature as you can. The biggest advantage of comparing the signature is you can get several examples of how one person’s signature can vary. For example, if you study the signature of Barrack Obama, he makes the B and O bigger than the rest of the letters in his name.


Yes, this is the major giveaway when it comes to fake autographs. You must ensure the autograph is spelt correctly. Check the spelling and if there is misspelling, it obvious means this autograph is a fake. Other aspects that will help you spot a genuine autograph at an online sale is to know the history of the autograph. You will notice that the signature of a person changes over years. So, know when the autograph was signed so that you can compare it to the signature of that time to make sure it is not a fake item.

You should ask the website questions about the autograph like how did they get it, an insight into its background etc. This again will help you determine whether the autograph is genuine or not. The paper and ink are tell-tale signs of an autograph as well. Paper too has evolved over the years. The paper produced in the past – 1900 to 1945 did not absorb too much ink than the paper you get today. You should beware of signatures made by machines. There are several items that forgers use in order to reproduce the autograph to make it look like it is a real one.

Experts in the field say you should always buy an autograph from a genuine website. They will give you an autograph sale on items that are real. Those websites that have been in the market for over 30 years or more are credible websites for you to trust. However, think twice when you are buying items from a new website. It must be trustworthy and have positive online customer testimonials to convince you it is a safe place for you to buy genuine autographs and not get duped!