Product Design

This is How Product Design has Improved with Rapid Prototyping Since the Old Days

Any objective study will tell you how much 3D Printing and Rapid prototyping is needed in the world right now. The number of industries that use mainly rapid prototyping china based services grows with each passing day. The medical industry, the transportation business, many entertainment fields and even the manufacturing industry itself has been improved with the new means of product design by creating more effective devices capable of achieving the most complex ideas of their customers. While it seems reasonable that most manufacturing projects move fast these days, this wasn’t always the case. This modern miracle of production was an unbearably low process not so long ago.

The Ways of the Past and the Problems they Had

One of the first innovations introduced nearly 30 years ago was CAD modeling of any product. The procedure got quickly digitalized since it proved to be more effective and accurate in that way. The downturn would come when it was the time to create the prototype based on the original design. Manually crafted tooling was necessary and the process to turn a first test run into an approved design could take months, even years. Let’s cast aside the fact that most companies worked with their own tooling procedures, when the final approval came in they shipped the finished prototype to the manufacturing plant that most of the time was a company outside the country. Most of these companies worked base on first handed specifications, meaning that a failed product was the full responsibility of the designer.

The Solutions of the Present

By now you probably have a pretty good idea at how troublesome used to be to create a product until not so long ago, we can still illustrate a few points for further reference. The last paragraph we stated one of the worst scenarios for a project handler. It’s sad to admit it, but the manufacturing standards in mainland China wasn’t a big deal like they are today. When the first rapid prototyping china services started to appear, quite a few of them offered prototype tooling using 3D printing technology. Now project handlers could take the full project and manage it under a single roof. The appearance of the internet in the field has also been a game changer since there is no longer the need to make revisions by back-and-forth mail services. Cad files can be revised as many times it’s needed on a single day.

Effectiveness that will Keep Evolving

One of the most important part of the process, the creation of the prototype, has also been improved to levels that defy the efficiency of the past in ways that make them look prehistoric, to put it mildly. Rapid prototyping China services can have a fully tooled, brand new product created in a few hours and ship the prototype in priority mail that will take a day or two maximum. This makes revisions and testing quicker and less problematic. Something that used to take a year now takes a month or two at most. It’s a brand new world for manufacturing, and the changes don’t seem to stop anytime soon.