The Smart Airport Transfers with the Best Deals

The Smart Airport Transfers with the Best Deals

For years, the companies have been renting a vehicle with a driver (shared and individual) at airports. On this page you can make a reservation of a shared and individual car hire with the driver and get the necessary information related to hiring a vehicle with a driver (limo service).

The Hiring Process

Namely, a divided car hire with a driver means that you as our passengers decide if you want to share a vehicle with other travelers who want to rent a vehicle in the approximate term as you.
We therefore offer you some potential departure dates so that you can easily connect and share the same vehicle to reduce the cost of your car rental with the driver. When you book yourself for a specific potential term, our agent informs you if there are other interested passengers in the approximate time, then you decide to share a rental car with other passengers.
If you stay alone in a potential period, then we can only offer you individual car hire which will be fully adjusted to your wish for a rental car with the driver. The Rome airport transfers to city centre are simply the bests.

The Delay

Any undue delay on departure implies that you have given up the transfer, and under a reasonable delay, we accept only the delay of the aircraft on arrival. You will not be refunded with the canceled amount.

  • due to weather conditions and the conditions on the roads, the departures may be moved beyond the specified terms, and you will be notified in a timely manner
  • departure can be realized from the home address in Novi Sad (can be up to + -30min) or from the “old locomotive” from the bus-train station in Novi Sad, or from the address outside Novi Sad for an extra charge
  • return it from the parking lot of the airport Nikola Tesla-Belgrade, or the driver will wait for you personally after leaving the international incoming Terminal (with a surname with your surname)
  • if you arrive at the terminal before the driver please wait in the airport building at the mobile stairs or in the cafe of the incoming Terminal

Booking today for tomorrow is only possible if the vehicle has already been opened for the requested term, or if there is more space in the vehicle already in the open. Otherwise, we can only offer individual vehicle rental. Cancellation of reserved and paid transfers can be made up to 48 hours before the reserved transfer without penalties amounting to 100% if the transfer is not canceled within the specified deadline. Their vehicles have free WIFI in the territory of Serbia (WIFI must be reserved in advance)