The best destinations in Europe

The best destinations in Europe

This week on our Facebook page , our question was: “What is your favorite country in Europe?” Many of you answered us. And your comments were, as usual, very interesting! Here are a few.


Of course, we expected, France is still a favorite destination for Quebecers!

Halima Anna Champagne : France! It’s normal, my 4 ancestors come from France!

Maurice Gagnon : Not easy to choose, but I have a weakness for France, each region is a country in itself, a lot of variety and differences.

Martine Marcoux : France! Its multiple regions with accents, food, architecture, reliefs that are so different from south to north, from east to west … And what about Paris! Everything was said!

Photo credit: Martine Marcoux


How could this wonderful country have escaped this list?

Ginette Marcotte : Italy for its welcome, its landscapes, its food, its good wine, the shopping, its smells, its discussions, its roads that look like bike paths, its architecture, its proximity …

Risbeluo Alfa : It’s Italy, to see Venice!

Hélène Mercure : It’s Italy (Florence) – the country of Beauty!

Pierrette Champoux : Italy for people, arts, totally different nature across the country, food and wine! I will definitely return!

Great Britain

It’s hard not to fall in love with these islands so rich in culture …

Isabelle Lavigne : England! It’s so beautiful! As much on the side of London, the English countryside, the Cotswolds, university cities like Oxford, cliffs on the edge of the sea, magnificent castles to visit, etc. There is so much to see and do. The architecture is very beautiful and the story is so rich there. The English are very kind too. A favorite.

Gisèle Lefebvre : Scotland for me! A proud and welcoming people!

Marie-Pier Langevin : UK I loved it. Wonderful country with its big cities and small villages fold of history. My heart stroke: Stratford-upon-Avon. Or just the beautiful cathedrals … And of course London, too, a heartbeat, a lively city with a charming population. Tomorrow morning I would go back!

Sylvain Dubé : Ireland! Here is the Powerscourt Castle and Gardens near Dublin.

Photo credit: Sylvain Dubé


Narimene Ben Ben : Spain. A city to discover: Barcelona on the side of the rambla – beautiful place!

Gérard Rancourt : I ‘m from Spain, people are nice!

Suzie Veilleux : I loved crossing a part of Spain during my journey on the way to Compostela!


What a discovery that this country still too little known …

Ghislaine Drolet : Croatia, a small country to discover with its coast on the Adriatic. History, landscapes, people, food and excellent wine. Unknown country but very interesting. I loved it, to see absolutely.

Pierre Lajeunesse : I loved Croatia, wonderful country to discover. I stayed here for two weeks and would stay there longer.

Photo credit: Pierre Lajeunesse

Stéphane Girard : Croatia! And what about Parc Plitvice! With his falls … and Dubrovnik !!!

Proof that Quebeckers are great travelers, many other countries have been mentioned: Germany and Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Montenegro, Iceland, Russia, Poland, Greece, Portugal …  What would be your favorite European destination?