Tata Tigor- Best Choice For Indian Roads

Tata Tigor- Best Choice For Indian Roads

Tata has always been a very reliable cars company, providing good quality, stylish, comfortable and good price-range cars. They have launched a variety of cars to choose from according to your budget and requirements from the most reasonable Tata Nano, helping the not so privileged people to also fulfill their dream of owning a got quality four-wheeler to other high range cars like Tata Safari, Tata Tigor or hexa.

Famous cars by Tata

Choosing a good car which fulfills all your needs and requirements has actually become a task these days with so many new companies and each with so many different cars and then each with various models. But Tata has always been a good choice for customers all over the country. Few famous Tata cars are:

  • Tata Nano
  • Tata Tiago
  • Tata Hexa
  • Tata Tigor
  • Tata Nexon
  • Tata Safari Strome
  • Tata Sumo

There are few other cars too, which have had good sales with good ratings and reviews by experts and the people who own it.

The stylish and reliable Tigor

Tata tigor is a quitefamousTata car which came out of the same project from where Tatatiago was born, Kite 5 as it represents the sedan version with third gear volume and was actually born in 2013 to launch two modern sedan car versions, affordable enough for people in India. It falls under the category of subcompact cars with 2017 being the year when the official production started with sales.Its layout is front-engine and front-wheel-drive with a re-engineered Tata X1 platform. The engine power is pretty good with5-speed transmission and a good height, width, length,and wheelbase.

It has a 1199cc and 1057 cubic capacity with 22-23KMPL and 25-27 KMPL mileage in the petrol and diesel model respectively. Its tank has 35litres fuel capacity with a longer length and wheel space, designed for a fun and comfortable ride. It has various models in the petrol as well as the diesel category ranging from 4.70 lakhs to as high as around 7.09, some being petrol and other being diesel versions, varying in few features, characteristics and other stuff but each being comfortable and stylish.

Modern and advanced features of Tigor

There are so many features that this car has that once you actually visit any online site to read about its ratings and review, you can end up falling in love with the car and deciding to buy it yourself. Some amazing features like, a power steering, a seat belt reminder where an alarm starts beeping to remind you to wear the seatbelt, helping you to be safe while driving, dual front airbags are present in the steering wheel hub and near the dashboard to protect the driver and the front seat passenger in a frontal collision, automatic aircon helps you to make your ride a comfortable one by setting the air conditioner on the desired temperature. Along with these the car has an eco and city mode which is used to control the power that it has to produce, from changing the performance of the car a bit for saving the fuel, rear parking sensors and the reversing camera helps to make you aware of any objects near you to let you park and remove your vehicle safely.

The car has a 12V socket for the electronics, an impressive dark colored interior with an infotainment system to help you get good quality audio and video entertainment with a touch-screen, speed sensing lock, a cool compartment to store cold drinks while traveling, a center armrest and comfortable seats with an adjustment feature. Along with the interior, the exterior is also quite impressive, having various color options, a sporty-look, taillights with LED to make your vehicle more visible on roads and a roof spoiler to avoid unfavorable air movement around the vehicle.

With so many options in a car which has a good price range, impressive outer body and interior with variants as per features and colors to choose from, definitely makes it the best choice for Indian roads.