Never Do These While Renting A Car

Never Do These While Renting A Car

Car renting is very common while going on a holiday to a different city or country. We all expect that the process of car renting will be very simple and straightforward, however it is never so. If you are little bit careless then you will end up creating a hole in your pocket. Therefore, you need to ask lots of question before accepting any car on rent.

Following are few things to be consider before renting car in UK and therefore you need to ask few good questions to clarify every detail before you hire any car.

  1. Filling the car with gasoline

Most of the car rental companies have adopted a new tactic to increase their profitability. They will fill the tank with fuel while offering you car and charge fuel at exorbitant price. Most of you may not empty the tank during your tour and the left- over fuel also adds up in their profitability and you end up paying for the full tank of fuel at higher prices than the market price.  So never pay for the fuel but return it by filling it from any other fuel station at a lower price.

  1. Failing to check the rates of fuel price immediately after renting the car

The right time to check the fuel price near the airport is immediately after taking the car from the rental company, so that while returning the car you can fill from the cheapest fuel station. While returning back usually you will be in hurry and may end up going to a wrong filling station. On the other hand, after taking the car from the rental company, you are not under any time pressure and that is the right time to survey the price.

  1. Buying insurance from the rental company

Never buy insurance policy for the car from any insurer offered by the rental company, whose rates will be much higher. You must prefer to buy from your own insurance company or any other well-known insurance company.

  1. Failing to check various reward program and various discounts

Many of your membership may offer you various discounts in car rentals by certain AAA travel organization or under frequent flying program. There are few conditions that you need to fulfil to get a good discount. However, if you fail to keep your self up to date with such information then you may lose those discounts.

  1. Failing to inspect the car thoroughly while accepting.

Quite often we do not notice any minor scratches on the car while purchasing it. However, when you return the car, the same defects will be charged on you and you will end up paying for something you are not at all responsible. Therefore, inspect the car thoroughly for any defect and bring to their notice while accepting the car.

  1. Renting car near airport immediately after landing

Usually rental charges of any rental company will be 50 to 100 per cent higher than the rates that you can get from the city. So, prefer to go to a city through any public transport and take car on rental from the city.