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How to assemble a mortgage loan

Here is the essential thing to know to build a mortgage file that will convince the banker. Objective: to get an agreement with the best conditions.


You buy a property? It will have to go through the “box” bank to convince her to grant you a mortgage, and if possible the best rate!

Real estate loan file: not a simple formality

The mortgage loan file is not simply a catalog of administrative documents. Banks carefully analyze the financial and personal situation of the borrower. All “details” count, one must be complete, clear, precise and organized.
Introduce yourself from the outset with a comprehensive file, anticipate any requests. Be irreproachable on the bottom (your situation) and on the form (the file). Here is what you need to know.
ationConcerning the personal situation first, it will be necessary to attach to the file a proof of identity; the family record book or certificate of attestation of PACS signed by the municipality of the place of residence or a certificate on honor in case of common law; proof of address of less than three months.

The financial situation

For your financial situation, you will be asked for the last three months of bank statements. They will make it possible to check credits and any overdrafts. For transfers, purchases, direct debits … will be peeled by the bank.
The borrower is required to declare his credits in progress. To put the odds on your side, try to prepay them to get a larger borrowing capacity.
A number of other proofs of resources and charges will be required:
– a copy of the employment contract;
– the last three payslips and the one from December to justify taxable income over one year;
– the last three profit and loss accounts and the last two tax notices for the liberal professions;
– a certificate if a family member lends you money or makes a donation;
– a copy of the court’s decision on family matters in the event of payment of alimony.
In the case of a loan requested for a borrower and a co-borrower, both persons must present the supporting documents requested.

Information on the real estate purchase project

Whether you buy in the new, in the old or you build, it will also provide:
– the compromise of sale for a purchase in the old;
– the reservation contract in case of VEFA (sale in the future state of completion);
– the construction contract or building permit and work specifications for a house to be built;
– in the case of an ongoing bridge loan, the title of your current property that you are seeking to resell.

Documents: all originals

At the meeting of delivery of the file, come with the original documents because the banker will need it to certify the copies that he will keep.
The bank will send you a pre-loan offer a few days or even weeks after the appointment. This offer accurately describes several elements: the duration of the mortgage loan, the global effective rate or TEG, the total monthly payment, the terms of repayment, the guarantees related to the loan as well as the terms of insurance. The offer is usually valid for 30 days from receipt. You must respect a minimum reflection period of ten days.
Upon receipt of this offer, inform the notary immediately that you have obtained a mortgage and that you can sign the final deed of sale.