How Do I Transfer Contacts Between Two Verizon Phones

How Do I Transfer Contacts Between Two Verizon Phones?

Because of its wide-spread network in the most parts of the United States, Verizon is one of the largest mobile service carriers. The company provides various mobile offers and deals that allow users to choose between different options. Further, it is not only a major mobile service carrier but also it offers television and Internet services across the country. Furthermore, FiOS is a bundle service from Verizon which is a combo of all TV, Internet, and phone services, that users can enjoy in a single package.

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Verizon wireless provides users with several phone options that come with different features. Apart from providing local and long-distance calling, users can avail many other features. One of such features include transferring contacts from one Verizon phone to the other Verizon phone. There is a free application called Backup Assistant provided by Verizon Wireless that allows transfer of contacts from one Verizon phone to another in a simple and quick way and anyone can do this.

In case you are using an “old” phone which doesn’t have Backup Assistant, then first you will need to download this app. However, if the application is already installed on your phone, then you can carry on with the transferring of contacts. This application is compatible with all Verizon phone, so no more you need to contact the Verizon Wireless store for a help in transferring your contacts.

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Steps to transfer contacts from one Verizon phone to another Verizon phone

Transferring contact from one phone to another helps you keep all contacts with the new phone when you change your old phone. So, you can keep all your contacts and you won’t lose any of contacts. With Verizon phone you get an option to transfer you contacts to another Verizon phone by using the Backup Assistant app. It is easy to share your contacts with this app. Simply follow the following steps to transfer your contacts quickly:

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Step 1:

First of all, you need to choose “Media Center” or “Get it Now” from your old phone’s “Menu” button.

Step 2:

Now, select the “Get New Application” option, after this choose “Business Tool/Information.”

Step 3:

Choose “Backup Assistant,” then you need to tap on the “OK” button.

Step 4:

Next, tap on the “Sync” option available on the app “Backup Assistant” in order to synchronize all the contacts in your phone.

Step 5:

After this, you need to follow the Steps 1 through 3 again to get the Backup Assistant on your new phone.

Step 6:

Next, provide the four-digit code PIN code that you get with a new phone. After this, Backup Assistant would instantly identify your new phone.

Step 7:

You have to tap on the “Full Restore of Contact” option on your new phone. Now, Backup Assistant will transfer all the contacts to your new phone from the old phone. This process make take around five to 30 minutes to complete, it depends on the number of contacts you are having. If you have a very number of contacts, it may take long time.

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At times, users may encounter problems while trying to transfer your contacts from one Verizon phone to another Verizon phone. If you are also facing problems while trying to transfer your contacts, then you seek immediate help from Verizon customer service.

Further, you can contact Verizon FiOS customer service for any type of issues with your phone, Internet or television service and get instant help from certified tech experts. You can easily get rid of all types of issues with any of your Verizon services. Our tech professionals are available from day to night;therefore, you can contact them anytime and find assistance to fix any technical glitches.

If your phone is not working, unable to top stream some TV channels, have issues with the Internet connectivity, our experienced tech professionals will provide complete assistance for all sorts of issues. Get in touch with tech experts and resolve your issues anytime.

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