Proper Airport Transfer

Essential Opportunities for the Proper Airport Transfer

This post is hopefully helpful to someone who is traveling to Rome for the first time. Even though Rome is a large European city in Paris or Berlin, there are a few of its own, which you should consider.There are a few things to consider on the Metal Travel blog, and you should also look after this link.

Tips for Rome

How to get to the center of Rome from the airport? The choice of the rider from Fiumicino to the center is a Terravision bus, 4 euros. Tickets are available online or even from the field. The journey lasts about 45 minutes. However, timetables are not trusted (we have buses in both directions late), and the system has been made as difficult as possible.

The ticket displayed on the mobile or computer is not valid, it must be printed. In addition, according to the instructions, we had already come separately to pick up separate boarding passes for the bus with our printed paper bill. It did not happen when I did not get it a paper note even though boarding passes were. Oh, darling … Well then, then to the train station and train to the field. Train tickets cost 14 euros per direction and a train ride to the field takes half an hour. Taxis can also be made – taxis have fixed prices for downtown, something between 40 and 50 euros. With the rome airport taxi to city you will be having the best deals now.

The underground card

Everyone traveling to Rome is likely to use jungle traffic. Once you get to the center, you can buy a metro card, for example, for three days, if you spend the weekend in the city. The three-day ticket costs € 18. If I make a one-off payment, I have a price of 1.50 euros. In Rome you can travel by metro, buses and trams. NB! Watch out for metro and train ticketers, see the next section.

Watch out for “helpers” using the ticket machines. These types were at least at Termini train station, both for metro and train tickets. They stand beside the automatons as well as the more formal people, but the appearance often faded (albeit not always!) And the cheating tube warns (at least hopefully) of these types of long-haul. When you get to the ticket machine, they are in it and ask what type of ticket you want to buy and pressure the vending machine for the right choices for you. And of course they want money.

Tips for Rome

Do not crave too many sights. You just spoiled your vacation. It would be enough for months to see Rome; so choose the best ones and leave the rest of the next round with good conscience. Without one of Rome’s important historical sights, one has to say that there are so many other things to do and do in the city. They will soon be added to the blog.