Despite Brexit, the UK remains a popular destination for the French

Despite Brexit, the UK remains a popular destination for the French

The upcoming exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union will not prevent the French to go there on holidays or weekends. According to an Easyvoyage survey, 83% of respondents who plan to cross the Channel this year maintain their destination.

By the end of 2016, 38% of French people have already planned a trip to the UK. And despite the result of the referendum of June 23, 83% decided to maintain their plans. Even after leaving the European Union, the United Kingdom will be a destination not to forget, according to 80% of respondents.

Nevertheless, some questions remain. One in two French people is worried about the administrative procedures that could be complicated with Brexit and 40% think that the price of airline tickets will fly. 46%, on the other hand, welcome the decline in the pound sterling.

Only 22% of French people have never set foot in the UK, while 38% have already spent a holiday and 40% at least one week-end. England remains the favorite destination, especially its capital London, cited by 32% of travelers. 22% think more about a trip to Scotland, favored for choosing to stay in the EU, while 8% think of Northern Ireland and 3% of Wales.

The survey was conducted from July 1 to 5 with 259 participants from the Easyvoyage community.