Coaching in interior design
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Coaching in interior design

Stéphanie Castonguay is not a psychiatrist, but … going to meet her is like following a therapy! With its multidisciplinary design studio, the interior designer directs the autodidactes in their renovation projects, unravels the puzzles and solves many dead ends.

Where to start if you want to redo the bathroom? What look for the new staircase? Where to shop a kitchen backsplash?

“When you are an interior designer, you are always asked for advice during our personal outings. Often, these are good questions, not stupid at all, “says Stéphanie Castonguay. She explains the birth of the workshop TWICE TWO.

Since last May, the specialist guides as a true conductor all those who present themselves with their sketches and their ideas in search of tips and tricks of pro. “I want to demystify design, make it accessible and show that it’s not just for rich people,” says the experienced designer, who has worked for a long time with an informed public.

It is therefore in the relaxed atmosphere of her “clinic” of L’Assomption, around cupcakes or a good bottle of wine, that she offers individual coaching and small group sessions by appointment, where participants are expected to think outside the box. “Often, people are too much in the details. They just need a little click for their project to unlock. Me, I offer them a different and more global perspective. ”

To do this, she transformed a part of the basement of her home, which now hosts a meeting room, a library with more than 250 books and magazines available for consultation, as well as a material library containing an assortment of samples (ceramic, porcelain, laminate, melamine, wood …), to allow to touch, visualize and understand the different proposals found on the market.

Launched last spring, thematic workshops are however suspended for the autumn. “We are refitting the entrance to the garage to have a storefront,” says the designer.

These practical lessons, whether it is the maintenance of a house, the development of a room for toddlers or the renovation of the kitchen, are prepared in collaboration with a team of experts recruited from around the world. the designer. “They are people I love, who think about their profession, and they are good extension workers,” she says.

Among them, we find the cabinetmaker Jean-François Éthier, which can be seen on the show Save the furniture! , and Stéphane Bellavance. The animator, in love with renovations and design in his free time, acts as a spokesperson for TWO TIMES TWO.

Then, as if offering her advice and want to democratize the design were not enough, Stéphanie Castonguay also likes to share her vision. “It is certain that we are imbued with trends, but the design is not only aesthetic, it is also the way of life, habits, personality.”

And the style? It’s knowing how to create a continuity between the “before” and the “after”, to dare to see things differently and to trust each other