You are an Ecommerant or you have a website, in any case you want to increase the share of your turnover from the Internet .

So you can not skip SEO , which will be for you the source of the most profitable qualified traffic, but how to choose your SEO agency?

How not to deceive yourself , to find the right interlocutor and to leave safely this real obstacle course that can represent for some of our customers or prospects: THE CHOICE OF THEIR AGENCY!

We have tried through this post to give you some tips to light your choice modestly.

In 2017, there are a large number of SEOs, agencies, Freelances, it is increasingly difficult to navigate a market with as many different offers and disparity in the prices offered and in the quality of services.

Here is a non exhaustive list of criteria allowing you to make a preselection of your interlocutors, we think that this approach can be followed just to select some agencies before even asking for a quote.


By using an SEO agency, you want your site to perform on the search engines, so it is normal to learn about the capabilities of agencies.

What evidence is more concrete than the results previously obtained by the agency and in a multitude of business sectors and competitive keywords?

You will find on the site video testimonials and interview of some customers with whom we work or have worked. A good SEO must be proud of the results he gets, it’s his business, so they must clearly be visible on his website.

Then you just go to Google, type the keywords and simply check the positions of customers agencies. Of course it must be kept in mind that it will be more complex to position a site on a keyword like “purse” rather than “rental furnished apartment in the center of Marseille”.

Here are some results we could get: 1st page on  Sac thierry mugler Video testimony 1st page on Roller shutter Video testimony 1st page on Disposable tableware 1st position on Incubator 
Video testimony 1st position on Beer Pump Video testimony 1st page on Plastic tube Video testimony 1st page on Design trash can Video testimony 1st page on Bicarbonate Video testimony 1st page on Trunk mats 1st position on Whiskey Interview 1st position on Mosaique Interview 1st page 
on Ink
Video testimony / en 1st page on Skylantern Video testimony 1st page on T-shirt design Video testimony 1st page on Judo Kimono 1st position on Champagne Demoiselle Interview 1st page on Synthetic grass Marseille Interview 1st page on Batteries Video testimony 1st page on Auto Import Video testimony 1st page on Champagne cheap Video testimony

We try to update these results as often as possible, but some positions may not be up-to-date. The results are changing so fast. We thank you for your indulgence.


It must be ensured that the clients of the agencies remain faithful to him in the long term. An agency can conquer new customers, but it is more difficult for an agency to retain its customers. To retain a customer, the agency must obtain positions on the search engines. These positions will lead to qualified traffic, sales and a return on investment.

The equation of a good referrer is simple: the more my client is positioned, the more he sells and the more he remains faithful to me. Check that the clients of the agency remain faithful to him over several years. All you have to do is phone yourself to a few agency customers, to get a sound that is independent of any commercial interpretation.


As in any other commercial relationship, trust is a key element , SEO is a profitable strategy on the medium, long or very long term.
It is therefore vital for you to make sure that the partner you choose will be able to accompany you for several years.

We managed to position some of our customers on highly competitive keywords such as “ink” or “ink cartridge” for the site for example.

This kind of performance is not possible in a few months, it is necessary to be able to collaborate on several years with the customer. This type of long-term collaboration can only be guaranteed with a high level of trust that we cultivate every day with our customers.

Digital Adgency is an agency 100% specialized in referencing since 2002.


In general, a first call to some agencies or referencers will already allow you to make a good first sort, both in the speech, as in the documents / proposals that you will receive.

Who is your contact?
Is this a commercial paid commission that seeks to sell at all costs?
Or is it a referencer, or even a leader of the company?

The first glimpse of the agency by phone contact will allow you to directly give you an impression on how they approach you.
What is the tone of the discussion, of the exchange you have him?
Pay attention to the talkers and the miracle vendors, a true specialist will try to understand exactly your needs before proposing anything to you.

  • Is he able to give you online examples of client cases he has worked on?
  • What are the convincing results he has obtained for other sites / clients?
  • What is his work methodology?
  • Does it offer you a personalized service?
  • Is it able to list some clearly identified points as to work / optimize in your site?
  • What will he set up to measure the ROI?

If you have clear answers that seem sincere to all these questions, it is likely that you have identified serious providers.
If you are not satisfied, continue your search!

Be suspicious!

If true SEO professionals exist, our market is also full of quacks.

Beware if you receive a proposal 5 minutes after your interview …
A good SEO is made to measure. It is impossible to evaluate a quantity of work without taking the time to analyze your site and its sector of activity.

An SEO quote is not done in 5 minutes via a Copy / Paste …


Flee the prices that seem to you too discount , the natural referencing represents above all time tens, even hundreds of hours of work in a website, it is logical that this has a significant cost.

Do not just be attracted by beautiful promises and an attractive price. Know how to get back to fundamentals: the results you seek.

Do not be fooled by a logo or just a reference from a big account. If you are an SME and you choose an agency that often deals with large accounts, then it is likely that your budget finds little consideration from your partner.

At Digital Adgency, we work primarily for SMIs / SMEs who are our preferred partners.


Some agencies offer positioning guarantees. Although this promise is very attractive, we invite you to beware because serious SEO agencies do not offer a guarantee.

The agencies are not the engines, which alone decide the ranking of their results. Agencies are there to help you position yourself, but under no circumstances should they claim to be able to guarantee a result. It is very easy to position a site on an expression not or little competitive and thus not or little sought by the Net surfers.

Then you will quickly be 1 st page on this expression, guarantee the agency will be busy since you will be the first page, but this position you will not generate any significant qualified traffic.

We have produced a video in which OUR CUSTOMERS are talking about this concept of positioning guarantee:


There is no agency that offers an ideal price on its services, it all depends on your site, its competitive environment, the scope of intervention of the agency, your market and your objectives.

Natural referencing takes a lot of time and therefore represents a cost.

Before choosing your SEO agency, make several quotes and ask justifications to providers whose quotes are too low or too high.


At first, it may be interesting to learn about the date of creation of the agency. For example, an agency created in 2002 is likely to have more experience than a company born in 2010.

It should be known that SEO (like many other things) is learned through practice, experiences, successes but also failures. The more experienced your SEO is, the more likely you are to achieve results with it.

Digital Adgency is a company specializing in SEO and we refer to sites since 2002.


A fairly simple method is to look with which agency works your competitors well positioned and to contact the agencies that referenced the so-called sites.

This can help you ensure that the agency you choose has already successfully met the challenge in your industry.


Having certifications recognized for an agency, is a real additional argument!

Digital Adgency is Google Partner and has been selected by Google to participate in its Elevator 2016/2017 program, among the top 20 agencies with the highest rate of growth in Adwords services.

Our certifications are a guarantee of quality for our customers and an asset in the realization of our services.


Here we hope that this list of tips will allow you to make the right choice when the time comes, or at least not to do the worst …

This list does not claim to be perfect or exhaustive and everyone can add their own criteria as well, but it already covers a large number of points that should help you make the right choice!

For those who need a little help in their choice, consider Digital Adgency