Big Data for Beginners: All You Need to Know

YouTube views per day: 4,150,000 Tweets per day: 456,000 Instagram posts per day: 46,740 Facebook status updates per day: 293,000 We are surrounded by data. And, unlike a couple of decades ago, this data isn’t just a collection of numbers or stats. Data has evolved a lot, and today, we can see data in the […]

Blockchain and its Benefits for Businesses

What is Blockchain and its Benefits for Businesses?

Over the last few decades, the Internet and software have made the money transactions convenient. Now, you can simply make the online purchase, as well as trade securities. However, the financial assets move through antiquated systems connecting correspondent banks and central depositories. Therefore, sometimes this takes several days for funds to reach a stock trade […]

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5 things to do in your coffee break today

Your coffee break gives you precious time to catch up with yourself and work colleagues – and also complete some important tasks in just few minutes. Working in an office comes with its own perks – your day is regimented into a series of tasks, interspersed with a few breaks where you can catch your […]