8 golden tips for a successful business trip

8 golden tips for a successful business trip

Getting ready is already halfway. And business trips are no exception to this rule. These tips will ensure you a worry-free business trip.

1 – Check in online in advance

Do you travel by plane and have only one piece of luggage? Avoid long queues at the airport. Print your boarding ticket at home or at the office and go directly to the boarding gate.

2 – Do not forget your adapter

Surf to Countryplug before you go to find out what type of catch is used in your destination country. If necessary, carry an adapter for your electrical appliances.

3 – Activate Go Europe at # 123 #

Avoid high mobile fees and use your own national package abroad with Go Europe . You only pay 2.48 euros (excluding VAT) more per day of use.

  • Does your rate include unlimited calls and / or SMS? You then receive 120 minutes of calls and / or 100 SMS roaming per day.
  • Your price includes mobile data? You then receive 25 MB of free mobile data per day to surf abroad.
  • MMS and incoming calls are not included.

4 – Do not forget your business cards

Slip some business cards into your suitcase, wallet or purse. If you work with fixed partners, also bring their business card. Helping others is, indeed, one of the best ways to expand your network.

5 – Check your credit and debit cards

Check the validity date of your credit card and your identity card or passport well in advance. If their validity date has expired, you will have plenty of time to request new documents.

6 – Calls to Belgium

Change your mobile phone’s contacts to an international number by placing +32 in front of the number and deleting the first 0 at the beginning of the number. Better still: always save all your contacts in this format.

7 – Take your GPS

You plan to rent a car during your trip? Rental companies often charge exorbitant fees for surcharges, such as a GPS. But nothing prevents you from carrying your own device.

8 – Take a small gift

Slip a small gift for your host in your luggage. What to show him your gratitude and break the ice. You only know how to buy? A book or Belgian chocolate always makes a good impression.