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5 things to do in your coffee break today

Your coffee break gives you precious time to catch up with yourself and work colleagues – and also complete some important tasks in just few minutes.

Working in an office comes with its own perks – your day is regimented into a series of tasks, interspersed with a few breaks where you can catch your breath and have conversation with your colleagues. Though some days seem interminable, your work keeps you emotionally fulfilled as you navigate several meetings, presentations and deadlines.

But you can have a rewarding day at the office only when you can take a much-needed coffee break after lunch or around 4 pm, when the dreaded ‘work day slump’ begins to hit you. You just need to find a quiet corner in the office mess or elsewhere in the building, fill your coffee mug with your favourite shot of espresso or mocha, and just be with yourself.

So what do you do on your coffee break? How about –

1 Recharge your phone.

Your coffee break is about to end soon, and have you forgotten a really important task pertaining to your phone? Think hard – your prepaid connection is offering you excellent service, but it can do nothing if you don’t recharge it on time. You now remember – your online recharge date for your prepaid pack is due! So have your coffee, and with your other hand, start the online recharge of the prepaid connection on the app. If you have an Airtel prepaid SIM, the online recharge is done with just a few easy steps on the myAirtel app. Why just stop at online recharge; you can even browse for new plans and change your current one during this time.

2 Check on the news.

Your coffee break is a time for you to detach from your work pressures and make space in your mind for other things. It’s a good time to catch up with the news, browse your social media networks to see what your friends and other contacts are up to, or just watching a funny video to take your mind off work stress. Once rejuvenated with coffee and a good break, you can return to your desk with new vigour to tackle work.

3 Buy a new dress for the office party.

There’s a big office party coming up, and colleagues and associates from all over the country and the world are flying in for the bash. You need a glamorous dress for the event, one which not only looks great on you but also lets you cut loose and dance the night away with your office gang. Go ahead, take a few minutes out of your coffee break and browse online for a new dress, matching shoes and a clutch.

4 Pay your bills.

Your coffee break is also a good time to catch up on pending tasks that you don’t have time for later. One of these is paying your utility bills and doing the online recharge of your DTH connection. Use the myAirtel app to pay all utility bills, and also do the online recharge of your DTH and pay the home broadband Internet bill.

5 Look up a new holiday destination.

If you’re one of those people who want to do absolutely nothing in their coffee break but think happy thoughts, then this one’s for you. Just whip out your tab or smartphone and look up holiday destinations for your next trip. Not only is it a good diversion from your daily work pressure, planning a holiday gives you the motivation to work harder and really earn your break. By the time you’ve finished your coffee, you will have decided where you want to go and when you can take leave from work to do so.