5 safe destinations for women traveling solo

5 safe destinations for women traveling solo

Want to go on a solo adventure without making you feel safe? Here are 5 perfect destinations for those (and even those!) Who want to travel alone , with peace of mind.


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For its ‘ nightlife ‘, markets, museums, shopping and a laid-back, upscale atmosphere, London has everything you need to keep you entertained, whether you’re  alone or with us .

And if you’re more of the Wilderness or Shakespearian castles, head for Lake District, Yorkshire and the must-see Cambridge, Oxford and Stratford. Of course, we do not miss a tour in Scotland , especially on the fascinating side of Edinburgh.


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If the tulip fields are beautiful, we go mostly to the Netherlands for its quiet charm. From the old streets of Maastricht through Rotterdam and its daring architecture to the beautiful Amsterdam, the setting is safe and open-minded.

Notice to those looking for a culturally rich destination (amazing architecture and  museums, do you want it, here it is !), Not to mention the atmosphere owned / casual prevailing there.

New Zealand

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The New Zealand is renowned for being one of the most beautiful destinations, but also the most welcoming in the world. If you are looking for adventures, breathtaking landscapes, this is the place. And whether you’re passing through Queenstown, Auckland or Wellington, do not worry, you’re likely to make friends.

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In search of architecture and grandiose landscapes , but also gastronomic discoveries and beautiful encounters? The Scandinavia , especially Norway should please you.

Between Oslo, Trondheim, Bodø and the Lofoten Islands, you can party as much as you empty your head somewhere in the middle of the sea and the mountains … not to mention the aurora.

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As one of the most liveable cities in the world , Geneva is certainly one of the safest cities in the world. And besides the Alps and the castles , Switzerland has many other shows to offer, from Lake Geneva, via Basel (for its rich cultural life), the old Bern or the creative Zurich, these are perfect destinations to stroll freely.

And here are lots of other practical tips for all women who want to travel alone .