5 Reasons to Choose Engineering as a Career Option

5 Reasons to Choose Engineering as a Career Option

Everyone aspires to become an engineer these days. And with good reason too!

From the humble Faraday’s laws to Einstein’s General Relativity, the four years long grind that we face when we join an engineering college is definitely worth the wait. Here are the top 5 reasons to choose engineering as a career option.

Constant Innovation.

Science and technology are always constantly evolving. Every year, there are new innovations and discoveries being made in various fields of technology. An engineer actively contributes to this process and its practical applications. In other words, an engineer always finds a way to solve problems that we have or might face in the future.

Stability and Growth.

An organization will always have to be updated with current trends and technological practices in their respective industry because there is always a scope for change. And any company or organisation that doesn’t adapt to change usually perishes. This ever-changing factor ensures stability and growth of engineers as they always need to be up-to-date with the latest technology.

Handsome Pay.

Organizations pay good money to engineers who innovate and help the organization to be ahead of the competition. Even if technical innovation doesn’t happen as often, engineers are required to operate complex machineries and processes. For example, a nuclear power plant needs the most capable and knowledgeable people to operate the sensitive equipment and the organization pays handsomely such people. Failing to hire the right people might result in a costly disaster.

Giving back to the society.

Engineers make the society a better place by contributing to its growth and development. For instance, they create infrastructures which can save us time and money, such as the Panama Canal which shaved off an 8,000km journey around the coast to reach the other side of the Americas. Another famous engineering feat is the Millau Viaduct, the tallest bridge in the world with over a 1,100 feet in height.

Social Status.

Being called an engineer is a matter of pride. Hence, engineers enjoy a good reputation as they are believed to have one of the best jobs in the industry. Besides having a good pay, engineers are well-respected members of the society.  In conclusion, engineering is one of the best career options right now. From Quantum Mechanics to aerodynamics, there are so many fields in engineering to suit your interests.

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