5 hostels better than hotels

5 hostels better than hotels

If you think that youth hostels are necessarily uncomfortable and soulless accommodations, here are 5 counterexamples that will make you change your mind. Yes, there are hostels that are better than hotels !

Greek Inn

This hostel has a crazy charm. It must be said that it is nestled in the heart of a vineyard, in a winery, Karterados, on the island of Santorini in Greece . It is therefore in cellars that are the 8 rooms that can accommodate you. You will taste in a dream setting to the art of living in the Greek in a very friendly atmosphere, with a good dose of sun, a large pool and BBQ dinners. It’s affordable luxury in short!

Bicentennial hostel

If you visit Nazareth in Israel one day , you will not be too sure to recommend stayingovernight at the Fauzi Azar Inn . It is a unique and beautiful place that is part of the Way of Jesus.

You will stay in a 200-year-old stone building, once the home of the wealthy Azar family. Marble floors, hand-painted ceilings, panoramic views, inner courtyard where to have a tea … what could be better?

Hostel on a plane

Do you sleep badly when you fly? Here’s how to take your revenge: spend a night aboard this real Boeing 747 completely refitted as an upscale hostel!

It is a short walk from check-in counters at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. There are a total of 76 beds in the cabin, but if you really want to play it luxury, you will surely reserve the suite which is in the cockpit, obviously unique with its bathroom and private toilet and a view as if you were the captain.

Inn in a castle

If you are looking to live the castle life, but at hostel prices, here is the place for you. In England, in St. Briavel  you will have to go to spend a night in a Norman moated castle that was built 800 years ago to be the hunting refuge of King John in 1205. History be really into the castle atmosphere, know that there are medieval banquets that are organized at the castle. You will be well placed to visit Dean Forest, Chepstow Castle or Tintern Abbey nearby.

Photo credit: Hihostels

Ecological hostel

In the Cochabamba Nature Reserve in Bolivia you will find this eco-inn built with natural local materials and designed to reflect the artistic and ethnic spirit of the community. Not far from the nearby thermal springs of Liriuni, you will have the opportunity to discover a rich fauna and flora and to hike at the foot of the Tunari mountain. The hotel is half an hour from the city of Cochabamba.