3 tips for increasing the visibility of your website

3 tips for increasing the visibility of your website

Want to improve the position of your website in the search engine results? There are effective and simple techniques to put in place on your Jimdo website. The web agency 24-7, expert Jimdo in Grenoble , unveils some of them.

You can build your SEO strategy independently with your Jimdo site. The first step is to define your keyphrases. To choose them, you can list all the terms that describe precisely your activity, your products / services and your location (city, region) … Then, expand these keywords . The more precise you are, the easier it will be to position yourself in front of the competition. Type phrases directly into the Google search engine and see what is suggested.

For example: jewel> jewelry handmade Grenoble

Tip # 1: Fill in your metadata

In Jimdo, the SEO module allows you to access and edit your metadata.

Metadata is the text that appears in search engine pages. These are the titles and the two lines of description under the URL. Here’s how it works on Google:

Some tags are essential to work effectively its referencing, in particular the tag “title” and the tag “meta description” .

In the meta description tags, you can summarize the content of each page in a few words, without forgetting to use the keywords of the page in question. This is a short sentence that should not exceed 160 characters.

Remember to fill in the alt elements of your website images, using as many key phrases as possible. In the admin area of ​​Jimdo, click on an image, use the tool “subtitles and alternative text” (pictogram label). Thus your images will be detected by the search engine robots as well as the texts.

Tip # 2: Optimize your site’s content

The contents of your website consist of texts and images: photos, logos, pictograms, graphics, diagrams …

When writing the texts of your website, you must repeat the key phrases you have chosen before – as many times as possible. It is important to use them in titles and paragraphs. For even more efficiency, put keyphrases in bold.

Regarding visuals, make sure that they are royalty free and optimized for the web, that is to say, not too heavy and in the right format and resolution: JPEG RGB, 72 dpi.

To be better spotted by the search engines, create links between the different pages of glass website. This is called internal linking. Propose additional content to your visitors with internal links to pages likely to interest them: description of products or services, rates, techniques …

When creating a new page on your Jimdo site, always respect the optimal architecture of a web page. The titles of the pages are very important. Be sure to start each page with a ” Title 1 ” and have only one “Title 1” per page. For subtitles, use the elements “Title 2” and so on: “Title 3” …

Tip # 3: Make netlinking

The search engines analyze the content and architecture of your site, and also the sites that speak about you. You must maximize links to your site ( backlinks ). This is one of the most important steps of your SEO strategy, it greatly influences the ranking of your site. To begin, we advise you to register on a maximum of local and professional online directories.

Always think about SEO. Also use a maximum keywords in your link tags. We often see links placed on “click here”, yet they are totally ineffective for SEO. You have to put the link directly on the key phrases: example “handmade jewelry creation”.

If you have the time, the ideal is to create a blog and post relevant articles regularly.

Finally, your presence on social networks is a plus for your visibility. Choose them in a relevant way: targets, sector of activity … and especially your ability to manage them on a daily basis. The blog and networks require time and investment but the game is worth the effort. The SEO is a powerful tool for visibility of your business.

Bonus Tip for Online Retailers: In par with positioning your website to rank properly for SEO and gaining online visibility, make sure you don’t overlook having visibility of your customers if you’re selling online. Newer ecommerce CRM website solutions connect to your site and your other sales channels in real-time, giving you complete visibility of your ecommerce activity. Alongside of promoting your website to get new rankings, you’ll benefit from know what visitors and potential customers do when they visit your site.