12 kitchen accessories
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12 kitchen accessories that all design fans must purchase

No need to invest in monster renovations to have a well decorated kitchen. Just get accessories with quality design! With these twelve items, your home will look like a home decor magazine, guaranteed.

Pretty cups

If you have adopted the trend of open cupboards, you have surely grasped the importance of filling them with beautiful dishes! We adopt the ceramic cups (hello craftsmen here!), Camping-style metal or with a copper interior.

Quality tea towels

The tea towel is a must for decorative accessories. For an up-to-date apartment, choose raw materials (linen, thick cotton). And hang them everywhere without embarrassment!

Glass jars

The zero waste trend is gaining popularity. Why not give in? Store your food in glass jars and place them proudly on the counter. Very practical for small kitchens!

A cutting board

The cutting board is an essential element in which to invest to create a kitchen with a design look. You can use the boards to cut your vegetables, but also as serving dishes for cheeses, bread and dips. Look for accessories in marble, wood or mixed materials.

Amber glass bottles

Dark glass bottles have been very present on Instagram for some time. Whether to house the hand soap or dishes, we choose minimalist and clean.

Wooden utensils

Raw materials are in fashion this year and kitchenware is no exception. If you prefer a little color, opt for items dipped in pastel paint.

A Chemex coffee maker

Coffee is an indispensable part of the morning routine. For a contemporary barista look, choose the Chemex style, which consists of a new kind of filter coffee. What to impress your guests at the brunch!

Colorful trays

Say goodbye to fruit bowls. This year, the metal or colored ceramic trays are pulled out. Use them as display stands for your most beautiful finds on the market!

An industrial style luminaire

All good decor includes quality lighting, including the kitchen. Several local companies manufacture industrial-style fixtures, but you can also find them at a small price in big box stores.

Copper pans

In recent years, copper has been everywhere – not just in kitchens! If changing your cookware seems a little exaggerated, opt for accessories or handles in copper.

A macrame support for plants

Green your home with this boho-chic trend. Why not hang your herbs? The gardens are always pretty.

Iron baskets

The baskets are synonymous with organized cuisine. Put away your tea towels, towels and aprons!