10 tips from successful entrepreneurs

10 tips from successful entrepreneurs

 Become an entrepreneur? A big challenge! There are still many obstacles that can stand in your way, not to mention the commitment that you have to put at the service of your project. This adventure remains nevertheless most rewarding and to carry it out, here are 10 tips of the entrepreneurs having borrowed the way of the success.

1 – Passion as a core business

”  Start a business we love, with values ​​that we share deeply.Creating and running a business is so much of a problem that if you do not have a deep reason to do that, it becomes very difficult. “Explains Philippe Coléon, dower of Shiva. Entrepreneurship requires efforts to successfully complete the project. It’s impossible to reach your goals without remaining passionate, especially in difficult times. Combining work and passion is the best way to succeed.

2 – Do not avoid risk taking

”  Do not hesitate to take risks. Contrary to popular belief, the risk you take in starting your own business is much smaller than the profits you can make. And we can not win if we do not take risks. The most beautiful social lift today is not the school but the creation of companies  “says Diaa Elyaacoubi, founder of Streamcore. Entrepreneurial life often leads to risk taking. “To conquer without danger, one  triumphs without  glory” an adage that sums up the choices of an entrepreneur. Even if the failure occurs, it can only be enriching.

3 – Health as a mount for your project

”  If the contractor gets sick, he has to stop. A good entrepreneur is a healthy entrepreneur! So you have to learn how to create a good balance of life. It’s the base,  “says Bertile Burel, founder of the WorderBox gift box company. Many entrepreneurs tend to neglect this aspect, focusing primarily on their goals. But how to reach these, if the body does not follow the spirit? Your health is the engine of your ambitions, do not neglect it.

4 – Never miss motivation

”  Never give up. We are not allowed to have moments of weakness.You have to manage by showing the example all the time,  “shares Sophie Pécriaux, Founder of the City One Group. Your company represents YOUR bet, and if you do not put all your energy to its service, no one will do it for you.

5 – Put the customer as the engine of the company

”  Love your customers. Be customer-obsessed! Evangelize your teams tirelessly so that customer satisfaction in the broadest sense is at the heart of the company’s strategy,  “explains Anne-Laure Constanza  Founder of Envie de Fraises. Try to satisfy them first and foremost to build loyalty and encourage their consumption.

6 – A team of the most complementary

”  My first hiring criterion is the passion to build something together.The person in front of me must be convinced by the project. I am obviously also very attentive to its potential for development and its ability to adapt and overcome obstacles. Because all our employees are our ambassadors . According to Frederic Mazzela founder of BlablaCar in Paris. Knowing how to surround yourself remains essential. Your team and you, carry your project together, make sure to choose strong arms!

7 – Your loved ones? Seamless support

”  Trying to federate his family around him. In the beginning, the family generally supports you better than the banks. And they lend you more easily if the family supports you financially.  Says Aliza Jabès, founder of Nuxe. Receiving support from your family is a great asset. Your loved ones know you and can give you moral and financial support.

8 – Undertake as soon as possible

“Start early. When you are young, you are much freer and you have less responsibility. Once we have tasted the comfort of the employee, we start to climb the ladder and we have created a family, it’s too late.Taking risks at this time becomes very difficult,  “says Jean-Emile Rosenblum, founder of Pixmania. Entrepreneurship when you already have multiple things to support is more difficult. Starting as early as possible also ensures that others do not develop your idea better before you.

9 – A necessary questioning                      

”  Take a step back on your business. At least once a month, it is good to spend at least half a day to step back on his box. This raises questions: are we in the right direction? Is the company profitable? … This regular questioning is fundamental  “recalls Stephanie Pellaprat, founder of Restopolitan. Going forward without producing any analysis of the results obtained can be fatal because you are missing out on any improvements or projects that might be considered for your business. Always question yourself to improve yourself.

10 – Success depends on everyone

”  Have your own definition of success. My definition of success is to be able to create a great company that conveys values ​​that can reach everyone. Live your life as you want, and if you want to create a multinational, tell yourself from the start that it will one day dethrone competitors  “says Hapsatou Sy, creator of Ethnicia. Do not be an ordinary entrepreneur. Your desires, your passions are different from others and it’s your strength. Always try to promote your goals so that they lead you to success.