10 interior design trends to adopt in 2018
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10 interior design trends to adopt in 2018

Bright colors

Eh yes! Color is making a big comeback this year. We saw it with the Pantone color of the year, Ultra Violet, but also with the predominance of yellow and pastels that invade our Instagram thread. To be 100% trendy design side, we paint our front door a bright shade!

The Scandinavian hygge

The Nordic trend has been interfering in our homes for a few years and it is here to stay. For a successful Scandinavian style, opt for natural materials such as wood and prefer neutral tones. White to Marilou Three times a day, yes!

Bright wallpapers

We’ve seen them everywhere in cafes and restaurants: vivid wallpapers are definitely a must in 2018! To apply in your living room for an assumed effect.

The power of plants

For our pleasure, houseplants never go out of style. Small novelty in 2018: we can expect to see more greenery motley patterns. Side bouquets of flowers, the trend is natural foliage and wildflowers. Here the beautiful textures!


All indications are that velvet has returned to the popularity of ready-to-wear fabrics from the 1990s. This year, it is everywhere in home decor magazines. It is available on sofas, loveseats, ottomans and other living room accessories.

Metal mixtures

Metal is definitely a trendy material this year. Interior designers mix it with other textures for a rustic look. Do you renovate your kitchen? Try to combine copper and stainless steel, for example, for a successful “country house” effect.

The terrazzo

Terrazzo is a deco trend of the 1970s that is coming back today. Floors made of small pieces of granite or polished marble give a chic and eclectic look to an apartment. It’s a bit too much for you? Try it in a small space like your entrance.

The return to the sources

This is probably because of our ecological concerns, but in recent years there has been a resurgence of natural materials in the interior design community. Let wood, natural fibers (linen, jute, raw cotton), stone (granite, marble) and ceramics enter your home!

New type tiles

The bathrooms will be surprising this year with bold tiles. One thinks in particular of forms in the honor of triangles, hexagons, crosses and other rhombuses. Combined with each other, the tiles create exploding and invigorating patterns.

Giant format art

Farewell little illustrations, hello huge posters, gigantic paintings and other wonders of the genre! It’s time to put away your Polaroid and invest in larger formats.